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We are Gen-X women doing midlife on our own terms 🙌

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    • All subscribers get access to The Art of Storytelling and How to Change Careers. The value of this alone is $1000, more than 10 times the membership fee.
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  • Live chats! We’ll have regular live chats about all manner of grown-ass woman things. Consider it a free for all. 😉
  • 24/7 access to an active, inspiring, supportive community of Gen X, midlife peers, experts and all-around cool women.
  • Live events like our monthly TueNighter Tea. Stacy London will join us in the group on 5/18!
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  • Daily questions, polls, memes, and fun, natch.

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Courses + Workshop Calendar

*subject to updates and change*

MAY: The Art of Storytelling

JUNE: Secrets of a Career Change

JULY: How to Organize Your Digital Photos

AUGUST: Get Through Menopause Like a Boss

SEPTEMBER: Be an Online Dating Badass

OCTOBER: How to Write All the Death Documents: 4-week course


DECEMBER: Self-Care Workshop

Our Origin Story...

TueNight.com kicked off in 2013 as a way to share stories about midlife that no one else was talking about. Founded by Margit Detweiler, the name TueNight is meant to evoke that unclaimed night of the week when you can take a little time for yourself, to chill out, call a girlfriend, dream about what's next. 

TueNight has grown to include a live event series, an award-winning newsletter (The TueDo List), and most importantly an incredible community of women over 40.  

With our new platform on the female-powered Mighty Networks, TueNighters continues to be the destination for Gen X women, an inclusive, diverse community who want to "never stop becoming" — and having a blast doing it.

Why People ❤️ TueNighters

"A place where I can talk about: Online dating, hot flashes, anxiety and Blaine vs Ducky" — Kathryn Quigley, PA

"TueNight is a great place to share and exchange stories, thoughts and ideas in an intimate and safe environment.  I highly recommend it as a speaker or a listener to feel more connected to a wonderful community." — Stacy London, NY

"Smart, progressive women over 40 with open ears, open hearts and open minds. Unparalleled, unbiased sounding board with advice-as-needed at your fingertips." — Felicia Perez, VA

"The place to be for 40-and-50-something women to be honest, get support and real advice from women like them. A thoughtful place to exist as a Gen X-er with all the delights and dilemmas." — Jennifer Merritt, NY

"The person who invited me to this group is the gal who turned me on to the steamier Judy Blume books in junior high." —  Leigh Ann Starcevich, OR

💬 Real Talk from Our Community

"I always say to my husband, "You know, the kick-ass group of women of a certain age" when talking about TueNighters. I appreciate the connection, the camaraderie, & honesty particularly regarding topics others don't seem to be talking about." — Sara Armstrong, CT

"A safe space where I find and share wisdom and wit with like-minded, age appropriate women who are tuned into current events, pop culture, and THEMSELVES!!!" — Kerika Fields Nalty, NY

"Some of my favorite posts and comment threads are women sharing their problems and receiving responses that are not only full of hard-earned wisdom, but more affirming and supportive than the poster dreamed when she posed her question. The women here are so, so funny. That feels like a haven." — Paige Hennessey Forster

"This group is made up of some of the smartest and funniest women I've never met, lol. I can come here to vent or ask questions or just read what y’all are saying and it’s ALWAYS relatable to what I’m feeling. And did I mention how funny y’all can be?!?" — Anne Williams DiFebbo, PA

"We have shared experiences.  If I post something funny, it won't fall flat. If I post something nostalgic, someone else will remember it. If I post an age/gender related experience, people will commiserate, or celebrate. We are supportive of one another." — Laura Hamilton, CA

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